Leadership Signs You Must Never Ignore

“Interesting Video About Leadership”

I was just watching a Video in TEDx Talks by Drew Dudley “Leading with Lollipops”, on “LEADERSHIP” and found it very inspiring. It reminded me of one of my client’s concern, expressed as under:
“Lalitha, I am not a born leader. Would I still be able to lead?”

In this Video, Drew Dudley answered this question in a whole new way. Even if you are a born leader, it is worth watching
You can watch it here:

“Leadership Lessons Learned”

After watching this Video, when I asked myself
“What are the three things that was an eye-opener for me?, I came up with these answers:

1. Having a biggest impact in someone else’s life and never knowing about it.
2. It can be frightening to think that we matter that much to other people.
3. As long as we think that leadership is something bigger than us OR beyond us,OR about changing the world, we give ourselves excuse, not to expect every day from ourselves and from others.

Now, I invite you to share how “Leadership” shows up in YOUR everyday life and business, by sharing your thoughts below: