How To Accomplish Annoying Complex Task Effortlessly By Staying Connected To Your Core?

Prefer To Listen

What does staying connected to my CORE mean to me?

To me my breathing is deep. When I inhale, I can feel the outside air connecting to the center of CORE body in my Solar Plexus.

Simple right…

But the benefits are profound!

Why is it important to stay connected to your CORE?

Based upon my own observations, I would like to list how being connected to my core serves me daily. You are welcome to test it for yourself and be sure to add your comments at the end of this post.

1. You feel very good, calm and centered.

2. When you feel calm and centered, you are in control of your mind.

3. When you are in control of your mind, you know exactly what you want even if involves doing a complex task.

4. Now that you know what you want, you are able to break the complex task in hand to simple easy to do tasks.

5. When the task is simple and easy, you are able to give focused attention.

6. When you have focused attention, any distraction is averted by your synchronized working of your left logical and right emotional brain.

7. When your left and right brain work in synchronicity, you are able to give focused energy to the task in hand.

8. When you give focused energy to any task, your child-self (That has wavering mind and needs constant attention) and adult-self (That is concerned and is required to be responsible) work collaboratively.

9. When your Child-self and Adult-self work collaboratively, you are now able to run your day from the feeling of courage, abundance and “We have it all” INSTEAD of feeling fear, scarcity and “What will happen next?”

10.As you can see, by staying connected to your Core, you are calm, centered, be in control of your mind, accomplish complex tasks with focused attention and energy with a feeling of courage and abundance.

Now it is your turn…

How do you stay connected to your Core?