Give Yourself Permission To Do Something Unique and Meaningful To You

Prefer To Listen

I did something unique and meaningful to me and I can’t wait to share with you. lalitha.toast.masters - Copy

I made a decision to be a guest in “Art Of Speaking Toastmaster’s Club” (that I have never done) and had a clear intention of making it with my husband. We had no idea how it would turn out to be. What is it that motivated me? Following line in the Newspaper Ad motivated me to make the decision

“This will be a learn-by-doing workshop where participants hone their public speaking and leadership skills in a no pressure atmosphere.”

The event was scheduled on Saturday at that North Edison Library at 10.15 AM. My emotions of excitement masked me from even making it to the correct venue. We made it to the South Edison Library…da..

To my surprise, my hubby was cool and determined to make it the North Edison Library, even tho’ we were late. By the way the Librarian assured us that Toastmasters club is a very informal one and we shouldn’t be concerned about making it late as a guest.

Well, we entered the room that was full except for two seats in front. Feeling ashamed, I took my seat and so did my husband. At that time a Toastmaster was speaking about the company Apple, Inc and his concerns about its falling Share price. We had no idea what we were supposed to do. After his speech, he handed small chits of paper that we picked randomly to give a speech.

To my surprise, my husband, whom I perceive as a shy guy was the first one to volunteer. He took and read the chit which required him to speak impromptu about how he will handle the fall in Apple Inc’s Share price as a “Chief Operating Officer”

After watching a couple of other people give their impromptu speech, I volunteered.

Long story short I got the chit that read “Chief Financial Officer”. I was supposed to speak How I would address Apple, Inc’s falling share price as a Chief Financial Officer.

I was excited/feeling funny and silly about my capability to give an impromptu speech. I just did it anyway from the bottom of my heart being my authentic SELF.

Well, guess what?

We had Timers evaluating our time, Ah-Counter/Grammarian recording the use of unnecessary filler words such as “ah” “ums”/grammatical errors..

At the end, Presiding Officer Bob Austin announced Best Table Topics Speaker is Lalitha…

Vow, I was shocked and there you go! I came out with a happy face!!!!

You guessed it! Thats my picture above with “Best Table Topics™ Ribbon”

I researched the internet to learn about Table Topics Speaker AFTER the event.

You can read here a link from Toastmasters International website…>

Why am I sharing this story with you?

Well, may be you are underestimating your ability OR may be you are shy of taking that first step OR may be you think you are not good enough or too old or not well versed…whatever..

The point that I want to drive here is…

Just listen to your heart and take that first step, all others will be revealed to you..

Now it is your turn..,

Action Step

If you are inspired by my story, take that first step and share your story by clicking Comments section on the top of this post.

If you have already stepped out of your comfort zone and done something that is meaningful to you, I would love to read yours too!

For Entrepreneurs fearing Vacation, this works like crazy…

Questions That Come Up Before Taking Vacation

As an Entrepreneur, have you ever put off taking vacation? Are you afraid of losing new clients? Are you afraid of losing revenue? Even if you did take vacation, do you feel guilty? When I first, transitioned from an Employee to an Entrepreneur, my answer to all these questions were “YES”. It took a couple of years to understand my emotions and change my mindset.

I would make time to accommodate a guest or relatives visiting us, despite my busy schedule of running my home chores and business. When it came to taking a vacation, I felt that only if I had a JOB, I can have the luxury of taking a PAID vacation provided by an employer. In other words, I felt that I never had “permission” to take vacation.

The dictionary meaning of vacation is “time away from work devoted to rest or pleasure”, “a period of time devoted to rest, travel, or recreation”. When I looked deeper into the problem, I realized that by not taking a vacation, I was denying myself rest, travel, recreation. With my own self limiting belief that vacation is something that needs to be permitted by SOMEONE, I was keeping myself so low in nurturing my mind, body and spirit (which I could have avoided by taking a short vacation) that I never felt any sense of accomplishment as an Entrepreneur.
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