Do You Struggle With Creating Credibility As An Expert In Your Online Business-Follow Up

This is the last post about Creating Credibility as an expert.
I recommend you read the post “Do You Struggle With Creating Credibility As An Expert In Your Online Business-Reassurance“, before reading this post.

Finally, make sure you nurture, nourish and continue to build your reputation with your…
• Fans and followers
• Visitors and subscribers
• Customers and clients
That involves maintaining multiple online and offline platforms (e.g. social media, forums, guest speaking, workshops, and events).
It also involves planning, so there are no “gaps” in your web visibility.
It’s a real relationship so treat it like one. (Think of how this would go if your subscriber was a friend you regularly interacted with, in person.)

• Don’t bombard your subscribers or customers with new offers. Give them time to check out, use and think about your last one.
• Don’t “disappear” for weeks or months at a time – and then suddenly expect them to remember and care who you are.
• Provide tips, information, FAQs and answers to questions
• Keep them up to date on new changes or products in your field
• Understand where they are coming from – and what is changing in their lives too
Above all, be there and care. Even when “caring” simply means you are quietly but visibly providing those tips they’ve just realized they need for their latest project.
There’s really no substitute for confidence – and for focusing on your customer and her needs.

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