Seven Simple Steps To Explore The Entrepreneur In You

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STEP-1 Your first reaction will be to feel low, afraid and think of what is NOT possible. It is your responsibility to acknowledge your best friend and that is YOU. Its OK to have such a fear because you are getting out of your comfort zone.

STEP-2 You might think that you are in the accounting or softwareconsulting or data entry or coaching business, but actually as an entrepreneur you are marketing yourself as an accountant, Software consultant or a Coach. Hence you must always be willing to learn continuously and become a better and smart marketer. Be prepared for [Read more…]

Three Tips To Guarantee Happiness To An Entrepreneur

“Transition From Employee To Entrepreneur”

If you are a regular reader of my blog/Ezine, I am sure you know about my strong passion for  learning, implementing and coaching employees transitioning to an Entrepreneur. I always look for clues about handling negative emotions, strategies and tactics on how you can turn around from feeling like a Victim to a Victor, in an entrepreneurial game.
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“Eliminating your regular paycheck barrier with Lalitha Brahma”

In this blog post, I will be sharing an article from yahoo that reminded me of my transition from Employee to Entrepreneur..

More on that later…

“Three Tips To An Entrepreneur”

Based upon the success story mentioned in the said article, here are the 3 tips that have helped me and my clients:

Tip 1. Work on your internal communication with yourself (self-talk). Do whatever it takes, may be meditation/Yoga/EFT/Exercise to LET GO of fear, doubt and panic and ALLOW trust, courage and compassion for yourself and others. [Read more…]