Three Tips To Guarantee Happiness To An Entrepreneur

“Transition From Employee To Entrepreneur”

If you are a regular reader of my blog/Ezine, I am sure you know about my strong passion for  learning, implementing and coaching employees transitioning to an Entrepreneur. I always look for clues about handling negative emotions, strategies and tactics on how you can turn around from feeling like a Victim to a Victor, in an entrepreneurial game.
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“Eliminating your regular paycheck barrier with Lalitha Brahma”

In this blog post, I will be sharing an article from yahoo that reminded me of my transition from Employee to Entrepreneur..

More on that later…

“Three Tips To An Entrepreneur”

Based upon the success story mentioned in the said article, here are the 3 tips that have helped me and my clients:

Tip 1. Work on your internal communication with yourself (self-talk). Do whatever it takes, may be meditation/Yoga/EFT/Exercise to LET GO of fear, doubt and panic and ALLOW trust, courage and compassion for yourself and others. [Read more…]

What Prompted Me To Learn Techniques To Process Negative Emotion?

Question: In your previous audio, you had explained, why it is important to process our negative emotions.  What prompted you to learn techniques to process your negative emotions?

Lalitha’s Answer

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Techniques To Process Your Negative Emotions

After I completed my Masters degree in Chemistry, I held Management position with a combined experience in Indian Nationalized Bank and Corporate America for 21 years. In 2002, when my company downsized, I chose to transition to an Entrepreneur/Home based business owner, as my children needed my attention. Initially I thought, with my management experience, operating a business from home would be a breeze. To my surprise, I was using excuses to make a sales call, blaming clients, feeling not good enough, not charging what I was worth, feared success, took everything personally.

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“Eliminating your regular paycheck barrier with Lalitha Brahma”

Instead of using my knowledge and expertise gained in 21 years, to my advantage, I ended up draining my energy with negative emotions caused by above mentioned thoughts and actions. I learned several techniques  to process my negative emotions. One of my mentors pointed out that  whatever I was experiencing, were EMOTIONAL BLOCKERS and  advised me to try Emotional Freedom Technique. I learned about EFT, got my Basic Certification EFT-CC and never looked back. I use it daily on myself and on my clients to solve their  problems.

Examples Of Problems faced by Entrepreneurs That Lead To Negative Emotions

  • Family issues ranging from, as trivial as being ignored/bothered by our children TO serious problems like illness, death in the family.
  • Nervousness/stress associated with starting any new project like writing a simple email OR creating a detailed marketing plan.
  • Fear of flying that affects business owners whose business thrives on travel to various cities/countries.
  • Health issues like as  simple as  having a headache TO being nervous to go for a surgery

How Do You Process Your Negative emotions?

In invite you to read what my clients have to say in our Testimonial section.

You see, a Home business owner is affected by day to day events at home like these. Learning and using techniques to process your negative emotions can help you stay in the entrepreneurial game .

Now I invite you to share the tools you use to process your negative emotions, by writing your comments in the comments section.