Three Types Of Fear That Can Hold You Back As An Entrepreneur

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When I transitioned from an employee to an Entrepreneur, I had variety of emotional conflicts that prevented me from taking consistent action to operate my business. I am sure you can relate to this feeling. From my coaching experience I learned that the emotional conflicts arose due to fear.Apart from having several fears, the following three types of fears made a huge impact on an Entrepreneur

Three Major Fears That Affect An Entrepreneur

Fear of loss: As an employee, we were bound by certain rules and regulations of the employer. As long as we followed these rules and performed well, we got paid. Our regular paycheck motivated us to work consistently. However as an Entrepreneur, you are your own boss. Even though initially you may feel very good to be your own boss, you must be prepared to pay for your mistakes and poor judgments with your own money with a possibility of incurring a loss.

Fear of failure: We are mentally programmed to think that having a job is secure (which is not completely true). Hence when we lose our job, we tend to feel helpless. When you operate your business, fear of failure is stronger because you put your reputation not just with one employer, but with each new customer.

Fear of Rejection: In a job you, as an employee normally work with your boss, peers and subordinates. As you get to know them gradually, there is hardly any fear of rejection. However when you operate your business, you must find ways to market effectively. You will have to contact several prospects/ potential customers/Service Providers. Not all of them will say yes to your services or product. Hence you must be prepared to face the fear of rejection.

Action Points For A Frightened Entrepreneur

It is very important to become AWARE that these three fears can affect you as an Entrepreneur and eventually, the growth of your business. Once you are aware, you can make a decision right now to take consistent action to conquer these fears. It could be by way of reading an empowering book or listening to an audio or getting Coaching or doing activities that can help you become a courageous and empowered Entrepreneur. I invite you to leave your comments.

Five Surefire Steps To Run Your Business While You Feel Depressed

Have you ever caught yourself with the negative thought “I am depressed… how to run my business”? If you answered YES, then here are the five surefire steps to run your business while you feel depressed.

You acknowledge that this is a negative and dis-empowering thought and only drains your energy.It is showing up as an ill feeling of depression. You also acknowledge that when don’t feel good, you will only react in a fight (anger) OR flight (fear) mode. Your capacity to respond with your ability is masked. To tap into the logical part of your brain, train your mind to ask questions.
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“Eliminating your regular paycheck barrier with Lalitha Brahma”

ASK this specific Question.
Is this thought/feeling really helping me, move towards my goal?
The answer is obviously ‘No”
Your goal is to run your business that YOU are passionate about in a “feel good” way and to make a profit.
You need to be concerned about why you are feeling depressed and take action to address this feeling.
Now proceed to step-3
ASK this specific Question.
Why you are feeling depressed?
Write down three reasons why you are feeling depressed? I personally recommend writing it down, as it feels like clearing the CLUTTER out of your mind and bringing CLARITY in identifying the problem.
The answer could be unpaid invoice, Dissatisfied customer or/and lack of clients.
You have now transformed the irrational depressed feeling associated with the thought “I am depressed… how to run my business” to a logical question “why you are feeling depressed?” with a clear answer.
Address the most pressing reason first. Now proceed to Step-4
Let us say your most pressing reason is “Unpaid Invoice”
ASK this specific question
What is the one ACTION step I can take today to get the invoice paid?
The answer could be send an email OR call the client and follow up.
Now make a choice to LET GO of the need to keep attachment to the OUTCOME of your action and ALLOW yourself to place your TRUST in the Higher Power OR Infinite Intelligence OR God to achieve this task of getting your Invoice paid at perfect time/space and sequence. Did you realize that you have transformed your passive depressed feeling to active action oriented thought towards your goal?
If your Invoice is paid, congratulations and proceed to address each and every reason for feeling depressed that you identified in Step-3. Say, your Invoice is not paid.
ASK this specific question
Who else that I know that can help me?
The answer could be another business owner OR your accountant.
Now seek and trust in Divine guidance as explained in Step-4. When you do this, you will have solid clarity and positive, guilt free way of taking the next step. You will be completely motivated to pick up the phone/send an email to ask for payment/seek clarifications. You will also experience a telepathic connection with the creditor/business owner/Accountant in a feel good/collaborative way to facilitate the payment transaction.

“Action Steps For Depressed Business Owners”

1. Just as your are mindful of your physical clutter around you, be mindful of your mental clutter also. Thoughts lead to things. You are the ONLY person who can control your thoughts.
2. Be mindful of your thoughts and feelings. When you catch yourself feeling low and thinking negative thoughts, follow the above mentioned Five Step System to transform irrational fears to rational action steps.

Now, I invite you to share in the comments section below, how you run your business when you feel depressed