The Shocking Truth About Boring Topic – Follow-Up

Have you ever provided your name and email address for receiving a Quote for Insurance OR Refinancing a Mortgage?
Have you ever watched a FREE presentation/Webinar after providing your name and email address?
Have you ever bought products online?
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How Can Follow-up Help An Entrepreneur?

What does follow-up mean?

Follow-up may seem to be a boring topic for discussion, but in my personal, career and business experience, I have benefited immensely by making a simple follow-up call or sending a follow-up email or letter. One simple follow-up email has helped my clients achieve phenomenal results, generated thousands of dollars worth sales, and maintain good relationship.

The dictionary definition of Follow-up is “An activity that continues something that has already begun or that repeats something that has already been done.”

Here are the FIVE major ways an Entrepreneur can follow-up: [Read more…]