Do You Struggle With Creating Credibility As An Expert In Your Online Business-Authenticity

If you want to build credibility, people have to feel that they can trust you absolutely. Speaking to them with your whole focus on them and their needs is only the first step in making sure this trust develop.
Here’s how you can develop it further:

1. Be Transparent
If you don’t know the answer to something, say so, simply and plainly: Then either promise to find out, giving a date you’ll do this by; or refer them to another industry peer who can help them.

2. Build your Reputation
People also need to know:
• What you stand for
• What they can count on you to provide
• What you can help them with
• What you won’t do
This means you need to know these things too – and live by them.

3. Learn to Listen
What makes someone trust another person? Many things: But high on the list is “feeling that the expert you’re talking to cares”.
Surprisingly, too many experts undermine themselves in this area by not actively listening. Instead, they’re too busy thinking of the perfect thing to say (and anticipating what the person they are talking to is trying to share). The result? The person talking to them feels cut off when the “expert” begins to talk over top of them, anxious to dispense his knowledge.
That person may feel unheard, belittled, “boring” or any other variety of negative emotions.
Really listen. Remember, you may have heard the identical question or problem five hundred times before, but it’s new to your questioner.
Real listening involves:
• Acknowledging
• Mirroring back
• Re-stating the person’s main point, if necessary, to ensure you’ve got it right
• Waiting till your questioner has finished speaking before offering your ideas
And while you’re busy being authentic, do make sure you use professional-quality profile photos on all your sites and social platforms (preferably versions of the same photo). Make sure your photo is current and updated regularly too: There’s nothing like letting your audience meet you in person and discover someone 90lbs. heavier and twenty-two years to that perfect profile photo to bewilder and disappoint your audience.
Know your mission. Know your values. And don’t be afraid to say “I don’t know – but I can find out…”

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Do You Struggle With Creating Credibility As An Expert In Your Online Business? Practical Experience

You don’t always need to have literally “walked the walk” – but if you haven’t done so, you do need to make sure that you:
• Thoroughly understand what you are sharing, selling or teaching – and that what you share is valid and valuable
• Provide well-researched, accurate facts, products and information your ideal paying client or customer can successfully use
The best way to be credible is to genuinely focus on serving your client or customer. Care about their problems. Find real solutions. And when you’ve found that solution, go back and re-think it again: Is there any way you can go a step further by:
• Making it better
• Making it simpler
When you value yourself and value your customer, it is much easier to provide the perfect solution – for everyone.
You will be paid what you deserve. Your reputation will grow as your customers and clients spread the word. Just remember this:
• The more practical experience you have in your chosen field, the more confident you’ll feel. The more confident you feel, the more confidence you will project
• The more practical experience you have in your chosen field, the less you will have to talk about yourself and the more others will positively talk about you (and recommend you)
But it would be naïve to think you can just sit back and all this wonderful buzz and credibility will happen. You need to promote yourself in the right places – and how much promotion depends on how well known you already are on the web, how much of a celebrity or expert you are known as in your field and how wide your reach is.
For example, if you were a household name in the dog world, like Cesar Milan, not only would you have a highly-professional, well-paid team to manage promotion and advertising, but you would be seen in every household across North America in your TV shows.
People would be able to see from your TV shows that your dog-training gets results and provides exceptional solutions.
You may not have a big budget or even a team (yet), but you can duplicate these strategies – and results – quite easily, using the following three suggestions:
1. Show – don’t tell
Is yours a tactile or physical skill? Create a video series and start sharing it.
Focus on the narrowest area of skill you most want to be known for – preferably something your competitors have not yet managed to successfully cover – and build your series around that.
For example, if you are a master weaver and your big product is a brand new type of loom targeted at serious craft weavers building up experience, create a video series on different types of looms. Each episode in your series should demonstrate a different loom type: For example…
• Episode One: Weaving on a Rigid Heddle Loom
• Episode Two: Weaving on a Back Strap Loom
• Episode Three: Weaving on a Tapestry Frame Loom
And so forth.
Finally, release a video demonstrating your brand new, original loom:
• Episode Six: The Murray Lightweight Portable Jack Loom
(That’s yours!)
It’s up to you to decide on the intervals between episode releases, but use the time between episodes to get the word out about your series and ask other weavers to share your links.
Do your best to make sure each episode:
• Identifies the most common glitch or problem people experience with whatever you’re demonstrating
• Shows them a ridiculously easy or logical way to solve this

Don’t overwhelm them with industry jargon or try to show off your knowledge – focus your attention one-hundred-and-ten per cent on helping them overcome and master their one big problem with whatever component you’re showing them.
Write posts about your videos, treating your written post content as a “teaser” and making sure your video is embedded in the post, so people don’t feel like they have to leave your site to view the video.
Take it one step further, and include actual screen shots from your video in your post, so that people can see instantly – at a glance – what they’re going to learn; just as super-affiliate, Lynn Terry, does with her video review on lighting…

5-Show dont tell

(Notice that videos perform one other valuable service in helping you establish visibility – the first step to credibility: People see your face in what feels like “real time”. They see your facial expressions they hear your tone of voice, the experience your confidence and mastery of your topic.
A video series is the next best thing to presenting courses and workshops in person – and it’s always available on YouTube, every time someone types in “jack looms” or “video lighting”.)
2. Ask and Share
Always make sure your social posts, podcasts, webinars and videos include calls to action, of course, but these should flow naturally from each piece of content – your calls to action should never feel like a sales blitz.
Now let’s take a look at how easily Lynn Terry includes calls to action:

6-Calls to action

Notice there is not one call to action, but several:
• A very obvious link to the product Lynn Terry wants the interested reader to check out and buy
• A social media call to action, asking readers to “Share the knowledge!”
• An incentive – “Get Free Tutorials Every Monday” – complete with another call to action within the text field telling the reader what to do. (“Enter your email address”)
• A customized call to action with the sign-up button. (Instead of the brain-numbing, overused “Submit”, she tells people to “Request” the tutorials – emphasizing that it is their privilege and choice to help themselves to more knowledge)
And Lynn Terry includes one more classy and very nice touch: She credits the person who brought the product to her attention, even giving her a backlink.
This is the way to make people feel important, included and acknowledged – and it’s something top experts never hesitate to do.
3. Stay Updated in your Field
If you want to be regarded as the go-to person and ultimate authority in your topic or field, make a commitment to staying on top of new developments and changes in your field.