My initial relationship with Lalitha centered around building her presence online and defining her websites and blog as a go-to stop on the internet. Needing “how to” instructions and goal-oriented marketing and advertising, Lalitha needed a technically able person to set her on course with the more “mundane” aspects of doing business online.

However, throughout our growing working relationship, it has blossomed into a two-way street; the technical from my side and the inspirational coaching from hers.

Lalitha provides me with what I would call the “spiritual-side” for motivation and innovation to keep me moving forward not only in my online business(es) but my home life as well.

Her input and insight regarding business and its strategic development are very similar to my own. However, the benefit of working with Lalitha is she is a go-for-it, results-oriented individual. Setting goals (with a finite end date) and achieving those goals is extremely important. As a person who tends to have great ideas, and delay putting them into action, Lalitha’s “set a goal and get it done” approach pushes a person to do what they really need to do – and better yet – get it done.

Her core values are so similar to mine – mentally, physically, and spiritually – that she is an absolute pleasure to communicate with and seems to be a never-ending source for more ideas, further ways to keep moving forward.

Lalitha communicates very clearly what she envisions for others. She also has that wonderful way of putting a person “on the hot seat” to ensure they don’t just listen and never take action. Clear, defined, and action-oriented, she is the “kick in the pants” anyone seeking motivational coaching should be looking for, and reaching out to, for assistance.

Theresa Cahill
I was very nervous about making a decision to have a Fund rasier Dinner for my Non-Profit Organization. I was afraid of public speaking and apprensive of receiving timely support from my friends.

This was bothering me a lot and I was unable to focus on my business and family. I learned about Lalitha’s ability to coach and help solve such problems.

When I approached her, she offered me a 30 minute FREE Discovery Session, listened carefully and uncovered my blocks and gave me a clear OFFER as to how she can help me overcome the blocks and help me become more calm, get focused and organized.

Then she provided me with her Checklists,affirmations, audio and transcripts that were exclusively made for addressing my fear of public speaking and stress associated with being indecisive and feeling overwhelmed.

After following the checklists, audios and transcripts provided by her, I don’t know why or how it works, but I am much more calm, and
have less fear, than I was experiencing. I have moved up the dinner date, and am getting more organized and prepared for it.

So, I’m now longer stressing about the dinner, but doing more networking and preparation first. It seems, it can only make the outcome better.
I thank her for helping me and would recommend her 30 minute FREE Discovery session, for any buisness owner/consultant/woman who feels stuck and has fear of unknown.

Barbara Zak
“I have known Lalitha Brahma for the last two years. She provides Immigration Co-ordination support for my employer Zgage, Inc. Ms. Brahma has the ability to understand any problem and provide a simple step by step solution. She values her time and client’s time highly. She is very passionate about providing her business services by being her authentic self. I appreciate her for prompt follow-up (which very few service providers do) and keeping up her commitment. She shares her wisdom gained through personal development and business trainings through her Elbee Services, LLC ezine.”

Gaurav Pahuja
“”I was on the look out to hire a Lawfirm for my Green card process. While I TRIED to search for lawfirms, I found myself wasting time WITHOUT moving forward. At that time my friend recommended Lalitha Brahma with CONFIDENCE. Initially I was skeptical about hiring someone to CO-ORDINATE the process of filing my Green Card using a Lawfirm. There were two reasons. First, I did not feel the necessity of hiring an intermediate entity in addition to a lawfirm and secondly I was not willing to incur additional cost on this entity. However as suggested by my friend, I decided to seek initial consultation with Lalitha Brahma, President, Elbee Services, LLC.

I was very impressed with her integrity, commitment, timely and close follow-up with me and lawfirm. I am a busy Scientist and get little time to go thru’ the latest changes in regulations or follow up with the lawfirm closely. At every point, Lalitha ensured to get all my questions answered with ease. She arranged for Conference calls with attorneys at times suitable for me.

When I received a complicated RFE for my I-140, she made meticulous efforts to help me discuss each item and got my I-140 approved. I was very impressed with her ability to understand mine and the attorney’s viewpoint and communicate effectively to help us achieve our GOAL. I definitely see her provide great value to the beneficiary, employer and the lawfirm. After using her services, I have a sense of receiving MORE value for what I paid and have the peace of mind.

Her articles and powerful tips in Elbee Services, LLC’ s bi-monthly newsletter are worth reading and inspire YOU to ACTION. You can sign up at http://www.elbeeservicesllc.com” -

Srisailas Muthialu
The audios are in simple and clear language to touch the heart of the listener straight away. The audios illustrate the actual problems faced by you and hence they connect to similar situations faced by the listeners also some time or other.

In situations like loss of job, retirement etc one usually owns the responsibility on himself. This creates lots of negative energy leading to self pity, helplessness and self punishment. You have brought this out very nicely in your audio 4.

You have nicely illustrated how by connecting up with the ‘Child’ in oneself one derive encouragement and enthusiasm. The ‘Child’ is the source of happiness and one should be able to touch that, especially in trying situations. I recall the words of Saint poet Thiruvalluvar “In times of difficult situation try to laugh” (His period has been estimated to be between 200 BC and 30BC).

When the situation becomes difficult one assumes false ego by owning the total responsibility of the situation and refuses to take help. You have pointed out the futility of this in a lucid manner when recounting the trying period you have gone through in March.

The skill inventory method brought out in audio 5 is very nice. I have retired nearly two years before after spending a very hectic life in Senior Management position. I am adopting similar method myself. The boost in the self worth and self esteem in the effort makes the life worth living.

The sum up at the end of audio 5 is done nicely.

“”I affirm that your ezines are of great help. I can vouch this. Inspired by one of your earlier communication on ebooks, I am now writing ebooks on Insurance and actuarial science, which I can use to generate some revenue during this turbulent times of being out of job for the last 9 months.”

P. Narasimha Murthy
Many thanks for your wishes! I take this opportunity to thank you for those catalytic articles you send through your newsletters

From my experience of going through the Immigration Co-ordination of H1B Extension and green card process , Lalitha was professional and detail-orientated, letting me know the hurdles through every step of the process. Any queries that I had, were responded to quickly and promptly. Having someone you can trust to navigate through all of the requirements is key to great service. I could sense the management experience gained from her previous employers were well incorporated in her consulting practice.

Satyam Kundula
King of Prussia, Pennsylvania"

Satyam Kundula