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Start and Grow Your Own Business

In this four-part course, you'll learn everything you need to know to start your own online business - and grow it into a profitable, sustainable business you'll be proud of.

You'll learn the exact steps you must take to turn your ideas into chase, bring


customers back again and again, and become the successful entrepreneur you've always wanted to be. We'll cover such critical topics as:

  • How to find something better and even more satisfying than the dangerously misleading "follow your passion" myth
  • The three-step brainstorming system that is so simple, you'll wonder why people don't do it more
  • Seven questions you have to ask yourself, in order to make sure you're "on the money"
  • The single most important fact to check, before rushing ahead on a seemingly-flawless idea

  • module2-smTwo things you have to look for, if you're in the position of really needing money and income NOW
  • Whether or not to quit your day job -- and how to avoid "all or nothing" thinking
  • A totally under-used resource for finding quality projects and clients -- and it's right there, hiding in plain sight!
  • How to get quick cash in without accidentally sabotaging your future business empire
  • Two things successful entrepreneurs never say - and one action they always take

  • module3-smSeven business models that naturally generate recurring income
  • One particular source of recurring income all online entrepreneurs need to add
  • Ten ways to make it easy for your affiliates -- and what's "in it" for them besides the cash
  • Resources you can use -- and what to do if you really don't want to
  • Three highly effective ways to bring in affiliate commissions yourself -- and nine clear steps for making Amazon mini-sites a viable business in their own right

  • module4-smHow to make sure the marketing strategies you use are the most effective choices for attracting your clients
  • Six strategies you need to employ, no matter what sort of business model you use
  • Why pacing is vitally important -- and how to make your Sales Funnels flow
  • Six more optional strategies -- and how to tell if they fit your business
  • A/B Split Testing and tracking -- the basics you need to know (ones you can build on)
  • The secret attribute successful business share you need to make sure you include
  • Four habits to guard against (you'll kill subscriber involvement -- without lifting a finger)
  • and much, MUCH more!

Don't miss this opportunity to turn your skills into an amazing business you'll love, and that is capable of supporting your family better than you've ever dreamed!



Lalitha Brahma

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